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$ART Staking

ART Locked Pool

ART Locked Pool

The ART Locked Pool is the core of the $AIKO supply. Once the initial supply was minted, the only way to generate new $AIKO tokens is by staking $ART. We can state that staking $ART gives its owners the power to control the $AIKO supply, which is one of the reasons that makes $ART so important for Aiko's ecosystem. You can read about token burning and spending mechanisms here.
The ART Locked Pool is cumulative. This means you can add $ART tokens any time, and they will be added to the current staking amount. You get rewards for every X new slots created, been X calculated based on the current staking size (total amount of tokens in staking). You can see your last rewarded slot in the staking dashboard.
The rewards are calculated based on slots that have passed since staking started and staking size, and every staked $ART will mint and reward $AIKO tokens to its owner. The staking period is of 16 weeks, and you can't unstake the tokens until the lock period has ended. The $ART tokens will remain locked in the Staked Holders Address until the reward is available to be claimed. When the staking period has come to its end, you can claim and keep staking your tokens. After the staking period, you can keep claiming and unstake whenever you want.

$AIKO Oversupply Protection

The ART Locked Pool has a decrease rate according to the average *slot count for a week, to prevent the token oversupply because of $ART staking. This means the reward amount per slot will slowly decrease over time.
*Approximate slot times of 0.5s when calculating but they're generally closer to 0.6s

Staking Period

The ART Locked Pool requires you to lock your $ART tokens for 16 weeks to claim the reward. You can't unstake your tokens until the staking period has ended. When the staking period has come to its end, you can claim and keep staking your tokens. From now on you will be able to claim and unstake whenever you want.

MAX Staking Size

There is no MAX staking size, you can add any amount of $ART tokens to staking.
Stake your $ART Tokens Here.