I'M AIKO is the first generative art collection under the AIKO brand, launched in 2021, it consists of 10,000 2D NSFW Waifus powered by Solana Blockchain.

The Traitwork consists of 115 traits divided into 12 traits categories, been these: Background, Back Item, Skin, Expression, Hair, Tattoo, Piercing, Attire, Hands Item, Face Item, Head Item, and Mouth Item.


✔️ Aiko.art rewards every I'M AIKO holder (AKA Aiko Master) sharing the 30% of the marketplace fee collected from each sale, for life!.

✔️ NFT Staking. Stake your I'M AIKO NFTs and get rewarded with $ART tokens.

✔️ NFT Burning. Burn your low-rank NFTs and get rewarded with $ART tokens.

✔️ Airdrops from AIKO Collections. VIP Masters and Early Masters get exclusive AIKO NFTs Airdrops.

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Traits & Rarity

✔️ I'M AIKO Collection Traits and Weight

✔️ AIKO Builder

✔️ RaritySniper

Secondary Marketplaces:

✔️ Solsea.io

✔️ Aiko.Art - COMING SOON

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