AIKO Cares

AIKO Cares is an Anniversary collection, dedicated entirely to charity and rewards. 70% of the $SOL raised from this collection will be donated to (a) charity(s) decided by the Aiko Master's community. The collection consists of 10,000 2D generative art NFTs powered by Solana Blockchain.

AIKO Masters will participate actively in AIKO Cares development, suggesting traits and institutions to donate.

At AIKO we think a better world is possible, and this is our grain of sand to make it possible.

The collection is scheduled. More information about Traitwork will be added soon.

PUBLIC MINT on December 07th, 2:00 PM (EST) at Only 696 NFTs


✔️ 10% raised at Public MINT will be added to Rewards Pool. See Tokenomics.

✔️ NFT Staking. Stake your AIKO Cares NFTs and get rewarded with $ART tokens.

✔️ NFT Burning. Burn your low-rank NFTs and get rewarded with $ART tokens.

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Traits & Rarity

✔️ AIKO Cares Collection Traits and Weight - COMING SOON


✔️ RaritySniper - COMING SOON

Secondary Marketplaces:


✔️ Aiko.Art - COMING SOON

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