AikoVerse - Metaverse

Adults Metaverse, NSFW Allowed.

Metaverse Use-case & Benefits

AikoVerse is designed to unlock a new world of digital adult entertainment, with opportunities for citizens (AKA Aiko Masters) and visitors.

Citizens (AKA Aiko Masters) will be the 1st in line in the allocation and purchase of the vast assets available in our Metaverse, from lands to retail space, digital merchandising, real state, advertising billboards, and consumables.

✔️ UNREAL ENGINE (UE) Web & VR Metaverse.

✔️ Red-Light & Art Districts - PLOT distribution by phases.

✔️ AI-Powered NPC. Put your Aikos NFTS into work!

✔️ Join the wildest Strip Club in Metaverse. Enjoy the hottest adults exclusive parties.

✔️ Aiko.Art Gallery, the place where NSFW Artists, Creators, and Collectors join to exhibit and value NSFW Art.

✔️ Contest and party events!

✔️ Spend $AIKO to unlock plots, estates, consumables, and exclusive content.

Get your own private Metaverse Plot in the 1st phase of distribution, the Red-Light District on AikoVerse. The formation of a Red-Light District within the metaverse will help to contain/manage/curate Adult services such as; Adult Live-chat, VR adult entertainment, Dating services, and Adult themes e-stores.

Plots and Estates

AikoVerse terrain is divided into PLOTs and ESTATEs.

PLOT is a non-fungible digital asset maintained in a Solana smart contract. PLOT is divided into parcels that are referenced using unique x,y cartesian coordinates. Each PLOT token includes a record of its coordinates, its owner, and a reference to a content description file that describes and encodes the content the owner wishes to serve on his or her land.

PLOTs size are 16cm x 16cm / 52ft x 52ft. Height depends on ESTATE size.

What is an Estate?

Like PLOT, an estate is a non-fungible digital asset. An ESTATE is an association of two or more directly adjacent plots. These plots must be directly adjacent and cannot be separated by any other parcel or construction. By connecting parcels to form Estates, you can more easily manage your larger PLOT holdings. Estates are especially useful when building larger scenes that span more than one parcel.

PLOT Distribution Phases

AikoVerse Metaverse is constantly growing and adapting to citizen needs and requests.

The distribution of the whole Metaverse will take place in phases, being "Red-Light District" the first one, where the official Aiko's Strip Club is located. The formation of a Red-Light District within the metaverse will help to contain/manage/curate Adult services such as; Adult Live-chat, VR adult entertainment, Dating services, and Adult themes e-stores.

Red-Light District plots will be available in Q3, 2023. PLOT quantity is yet to announce.

The second phase is the "Art District", here is where the Aiko.Art Gallery is located, and where creators, artists, marketplaces, and galleries will exhibit and trade with their artworks.

Art District plots will be available in Q4, 2023. PLOT quantity is yet to announce.

VISA Types

To access the AikoVerse users need to obtain a VISA (register). Registered users could be Citizens, Residents, or Visitors.

Citizen VISA

To obtain the Citizen VISA you need to hold an Aiko NFT from any AIKO brand collection (AKA Aiko Master). A Solana wallet connection is required to register and login as a Citizen member.

✔️ Each Aiko NFT is considered a different PC (playing-character). A citizen can have many PC's as Aiko NFTs have.

✔️ PC default skin will look like the NFT appearance, 3D rendered.

✔️ Citizens can register 5 names per PC. Registration costs are 500 $AIKO. Names can be traded at

✔️ Citizens have priority at PLOT distribution. They are Whitelisted by default and have 1-hour priority in PLOT distribution.

Resident VISA

To obtain the Resident VISA you need to register and login at AikoVerse with a Solana wallet. No Aiko NFT is needed.

✔️ Residents have one PC (playing-character), and their default skin is exclusive for residents.

✔️ Residents can register two names. Registration costs are 1000 $AIKO. Names can be traded at

Visitor VISA

Visitors are guests. No registration is required.

✔️ Guest visitors can travel the Metaverse using a default naked skin.

✔️ They can't wear skins, buy consumables, or create names.

✔️ They can buy assets at, but they can't use or wear them inside the Metaverse.

NPC Powered by AI

When you stake your NFTs, they become NPC workers inside the AikoVerse. Your Aiko's could be go-go dancers, strippers, party hosts, shop assistants, art and finance experts, etc.; the possibilities are endless. Powering the NPC with AI inside metaverse will leverage the accuracy and perfection of the labor done. Stake your Aikos mean putting your NFTs into work and seeing them in action inside the AikoVerse!

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