Who is Aiko?
Aiko is the name of a collectible artificial intelligence that lives on the blockchain in the form of NFT.
Aiko has a semi-realistic aesthetic that reminds us of the Japanese anime style.
Aiko is an Artificial Intelligence, NFT for adults (+18), which interacts with her owner through dapp.
Aiko's first NFT collection is called "I'M AIKO", it aims to present it to the world in a unique, natural and liberal way. "I'M AIKO" consists of 10,000 unique NFT art pieces available on the Solana blockchain.
She doesn't have any specific body attributions, she will be generated over layers that will create unique Aikos each time one Aiko is minted. She has facial layer, with eyes, cheeks, mouth according to her mood, this way Aiko can feel Happy, Angry, Sad, Excited, Horny, etc. Also, she has other layers for her hair style, feminine attributes, etc. Aiko could have tatoos, piercings, underwear, clothes, accessories, etc.
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