AIKO Shades
AIKO Shades is the second generative art collection under the AIKO brand. It consists of 6969 2D NSFW Waifus powered by Solana Blockchain.
Final MINT on May 19th, 2:00 PM (EST) at


✔️ NFT Staking Augmented Rewards. Stake your AIKO Shades NFTs and get rewarded with $ART tokens. AIKO Shades NFTs generate a 10% extra reward in the Staking Pools.
✔️ NFT Burning. Burn your low-rank NFTs and get rewarded with $ART tokens.
✔️ 10% raised at Public MINT will be added to Rewards Pool. See Tokenomics.

Traits & Rarity

✔️ RaritySniper - COMING SOON

Secondary Marketplaces:

✔️ Aiko.Art