AIKO Project

AIKO Shades

AIKO Shades is the second generative art collection under the AIKO brand. It consists of 6969 2D NSFW Waifus powered by Solana Blockchain.
Final MINT on May 19th, 2:00 PM (EST) at


✔️ NFT Staking Augmented Rewards. Stake your AIKO Shades NFTs and get rewarded with $ART tokens. AIKO Shades NFTs generate a 10% extra reward in the Staking Pools.
✔️ NFT Burning. Burn your low-rank NFTs and get rewarded with $ART tokens.
✔️ 10% raised at Public MINT will be added to Rewards Pool. See Tokenomics.

Traits & Rarity

✔️ RaritySniper - COMING SOON

Secondary Marketplaces:

✔️ Aiko.Art