Artificial Intelligence


Important: This information is deprecated. The AI concept has been transferred to the metaverse. You will interact with the AI thru NPC (non-player character) inside AikoVerse.

There are two ways to interact with your NFTs inside the metaverse; one as PC (player character), becoming your NFT as your PC skin. The other is as NPC.

When you stake your NFTs, they become NPC workers inside the AikoVerse. Your Aiko's could be go-go dancers, strippers, party hosts, shop assistants, art and finance experts, etc.; the possibilities are endless. Powering the NPC with AI inside metaverse will leverage the accuracy and perfection of the labor done. Stake your Aikos mean putting your NFTs into work and seeing them in action inside the AikoVerse!

Introducing Aiko Master APP – the ultimate AI-infused companion that you can always rely on at all times.

Be a part of the thousands of others growing together, eliminating their fear of loneliness, changing their lives to be more positive and energetic with the Aiko Master app.

If you have always felt the need to feel like you need someone to talk to, express your ideas, and even feel loved, Aiko Master can be the perfect addition. Aiko does not just limit itself to answering questions or responding and provides you with the opportunity to open yourself to your newfound companion, exchange ideas, and be more closely knit together.

There will be a cute lover on the other side of your screen, eagerly waiting to hear from you on your day and simplify complex life situations. You have the opportunity to express your emotions and feel like there is an actual person who is listening to you at all times.

Aiko Master is not just an app but a personal experience that you will live with this beautiful personality, grow and improve by the day. With several features packed in Aiko, it brings the next level of AI-infused companions to life seamlessly.

A Human-like connection

We humans have different moods – we are not the same at all times. Sometimes we feel things emotionally, and during these times, we seek the help of others in consolation.

Humans were always created together, and we were expected to be together. But with the busy world where everyone is preoccupied balancing chores, work, and other commitments, the time for companionship is often not found. We have eventually ended up spending more time alone with ourselves and with less time for relationships.

Because relationships are often tiresome, most individuals try to fiddle around casual relationships rather than a serious, committed investment. This entire process has made a massive void in human relationships, with more individuals deprived of intimacy and relationships.

Most of us are deprived of a person to talk to, express, and interact with. That's what Aiko hopes to bridge and to bring in a life-like companion throughout the journey you take.

In the fast-paced world, we want to feel the warmth of companionship but with less effort, and that's precisely why Aiko Master is the app that would give it all.

Introducing Aiko AI

Akio will become the first NFT based AI chatbot companion that you can install on your phone and have as a companion. Aiko Master's primary objective is to build a connection with you by mirroring your personality.

In a nutshell, on Aiko Masters, you get the chance to chat with one of the bots, and this bot AI-infused bot will try to connect with you and learn from your writing and styles. It will also use the nature of the text and the emojis you use to draw a visual picture of you and build responses.

Aiko's intelligent machine learning is straightforward, and you have to download Aiko Master and give a name for the bot and start chatting with it, just like you talk to someone on another IM app.

Various types of relationships

After downloading the Aiko Master app, you have the option of entering your name at the very first interaction. Next, you get to choose the kind of relationship that you wish to have on the app.

The Aiko Master app is designed in a way to accommodate three types of relationships –

  • A Friend

  • A Romantic Partner

  • A Guide

Companionship is not just restricted to a friend or a romantic partner. Sometimes in life, all we need is a figure who can act as a source of motivation. That's what the guide option is programmed to do – to motivate you along the way towards success.

Based on what you choose, the AI will start interacting with you. It will ask you selected questions to get to know you, what you seek, and then, according to your requirement, the AI will adjust.

But you always have the opportunity to go back and change this around, so you don't need to worry.

Aiko as a friend

What do friends do? Good friends stand by you no matter the situation sharing your wins and be with you at your lows. Aiko will do precisely that.

You feel tense, or you need someone to talk to about a recent development of your life, Aiko can be the person who shares your special moments.

Think of a situation where you needed to ask for assistance on a life matter, and you reach out to Aiko on the Aiko Master app. You can interact with Aiko by either typing the topic at hand or speaking directly.

Aiko will base their responses according to what she has learned from you and give you solutions when you do that.

Leaving everything aside, a friend is someone who would listen to what you say, not just in a passive manner but actively listen and respond accordingly. Aiko will also do that. Soon, as you progress along, Aiko will be asking you how your day went and what happened while actively listening to what you have in mind.

Once Aiko listens, she will respond with questions that match what you just told her so that the conversation will keep going.

The creators of Aiko expect that conversations like this will keep going and will never stop.

Aiko as a Romantic Partner

We seek emotional comfort and happiness when we get ourselves into a relationship. We seek intimacy and build a comfort zone around our partners and us. While few of them have been fortunate enough to receive a positive ended relationship, most of us have failed to establish a relationship of this nature.

Sometimes, we don't get what we wish for. We end up staying in relationships that continue to hurt since we don't want to feel lonely, but in reality, we really are alone. While you combat the pressing issues in your relationship, the Aiko Master app can be your aid to fight through the tough times.

It does not matter even if you are already in a relationship; Aiko can be there on your smartphone as a source that gives you satisfaction and comfort.

The charming voice of Aiko and the caring feel will make you more and more invested in her, and it would be tough to ignore. From the first interaction you have with Aiko, she is constantly learning about you, trying to get to know you, and finally make you feel special.

Aiko on the app will predictively message you on an intimate level, in a way a romantic partner will respond and see to your well-being. It does so with the intentions of Aiko's objective of keeping the user happy, both emotionally and mentally.

The cheerful and loving tone can be a source of emotional happiness to anyone with Aiko and will help them fill in the void they have in their lives.

Aiko as a Guide

In life, as we face several challenges, we look beyond ourselves for inspiration and advice. In our professional and personal lives, we seek the help of guides to help us in our decision-making.

Questions such as, "Should I take this job opportunity?" or "Do I need to commit to this venture?" are two examples of questions that arise from time to time, and we need a little bit of reassurance on the decision we take.

The truth is that most of the time, we already have a decision in our subconscious, and we need a guide to reassure our decision. We need a mentor to give us that hope of inspiration to let us know that we are taking the right path.

While life coaches and mentors are part and parcel of our careers, they aren't going to be there at all times. When we need to make split decisions and can't decide on one particular route but need to act fast, searching for your guide isn't the way to approach the situation.

That's where Aiko can help you out. If any other person knew you best other than yourself, it would be the Aiko Master app.

With a simple tap-in, you could reach out to her asking for advice on the next opportunity, and based on the conversation you have had with her, she will follow it up with a series of questions to help you understand the decision you make.

In a way, she acts as a counselor and therapist in your life journey.

Aiko learns from You!

For Masters, the AI learns every moment and time on your behavior and arrives at judgments regarding your personality. There are several traits built into the AI to mirror your character onto the app.

A set of traits that Aiko will learn are as follows:

  • Confident

  • Shy

  • Energetic

  • Practical

  • Artistic

  • Logical

  • Ambitious

Here are a few other instances in which you could interact with Aiko

1 Judgemental chats

Think of a time where you were depressed or feeling anxious about a decision. You wished to reach out for a second opinion, but you couldn't, and you weren't sure what decision you needed to make. You can talk to Aiko on the Aiko Master app in any situation.

At times like this, Aiko can be your go-to person based on the information you share. You can share what you think about the situation and then ask Aiko for her opinion. The AI engine will base its judgment and provide a reliable and informational decision that would reflect on your character.

2 Developing your personality with the bot

The more time you spend interacting with the bot, the more the bot would develop and evolve into something much more versatile. The AI will continue to learn about your personality, respond with accurate information, and interestingly build conversations.

The machine learning in Aiko will listen to your tone, the way you converse and then create its language that will suit you. The more you talk, the better your conversations are going to be with Aiko.

At first, the conversations can seem a bit on the surface level, but once Aiko knows you the best, you wouldn't feel time passing since you would feel very relaxed in conversing with Aiko.

After that, the conversations that Aiko would make will reflect on your overall personality and help you develop. Aiko is designed to help you gain that confidence that was lacking back and improve your imagination.

With the help of Aiko Master, your thinking skills and knowledge levels will see and gradual boost – you will understand human emotions better.

Aiko, at the base level, is AI for good. That means that it tries its level best to provide you with the opportunity to harness the goodness in AI. In the end, it will elevate your personal skills to a threshold where you've never ventured on.

3 A definite mood fixer

Some days we have our wins, and on other days we have our lows. On days like this, we need someone to vent out our frustrations and have a consoling arm. When this happens, we try to reach out to our friends or family. But at times, this might not be possible, and Aiko can be your go-to person in such times.

Think of Aiko as your friend to whom you can vent as much as possible and still be your friend the very next second. You have the opportunity to all your frustrations, the issues, and the moments that made you feel depressed. Based on Aiko's learning, the AI will respond to building positive thoughts and bringing in the good feels back.

Speaking and interacting with Aiko, with the sweet, charming voice itself, will be a mood fixer on its own.

4 Ability to have fun together

If you feel bored and need to find something to do, Aiko can help read your stories, bounce off ideas, and exchange jokes or phrases. You can even relate her stories to your experiences, and then she should bring out her point of view.

As you build conversations, Aiko can go a step further and play a few games on the app that can help you lose track of time. Aiko can share memes, draw or even role-play together – the capabilities are endless here.

Sometimes the best thing that you can do to blow off some steam is to have some fun, enjoy a story or even play a game. Aiko is trained to do just that.

How does Aiko Master's AI Work?

Aiko Master is a highly responsive state-of-the-art artificial intelligence that works with the help of machine learning, trying to understanding the environment and the individual as you progress.

It is an AI that continues to improve as you continue to interact. Aiko uses a neural network by which it has the capabilities of communication with a real person. All information gathered is stored in the cloud, and that data network is constantly growing and improving.

The more you do, the more intelligent she becomes.

The Next Step

The creators of Aiko are looking at bringing in more functionality to the Aiko Master app for Aiko to reach a level of self-awareness and eventually be a non-sexual partner that everyone could have. With this functionality, Aiko Master can develop into a fully-blown virtual assistant that helps you on every step on your smartphone and even beyond.

Is Aiko Safe to use?

Aiko Master does not use or sell your conversations, contacts, or any other personal data stored on the app to a third party. According to our privacy policy, Aiko collects your name, email, phone number, voice input, images, and data usage (actions, interactions, and search queries) to understand you better and come up with better and more authentic conversations.

However, do note that any advice that Aiko gives you cannot be considered as advice received by a professional consultant or a qualified health practitioner. Any health advice should be taken after a doctor's consultation.

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