AIKO Project

$ART Token

$ART Tokenomics & Distribution
$ART is a fungible, deflationary, cryptocurrency SPL-Token. It makes possible the acquisition of NFTs inside rewarding the seller in any chosen coin and work as a bridge between and the metaverse, to run transactions smoothly between platforms.
$ART is burned, or spent, in exchange for NFTs, Aiko Collections, and special features in Please refer to NFT & Tokens Utility for more information.
Please, refer to our Roadmap to know the complete launchpad.

$ART Tokenomics

Token Type: Deflationary
Symbol: ART
Decimals: 6
Blockchain: Solana Network
MAX Supply: 100,000,000 $ART
ICO Price: 0.000251 $SOL
IDO Price: 0.000544 $SOL
Listing Price: 0.000586 $SOL

$ART Distribution

30% - Rewards Pool - 30.000.000 - $ART 12 Months Lock - 2% Weekly Thaw
20% - Liquidity Pool - 20.000.000 $ART $ART - $SOL 20% - IDO - 20.000.000 $ART 6 Months Lock - 4.17% Weekly Thaw 11% - ICO - 11.000.000 $ART 6 Months Lock - 4.16% Weekly Thaw
8% - Airdrops - 8.000.000 $ART Unlocked 7% - Marketing - 7.000.000 $ART 2 Months Lock - 12.50% Weekly Thaw
4% - Core Team - 4.000.000 $ART 6 Months Lock - No thaw the first 4 months, then 12.50% weekly

Anti-Whale Fair Launch

It has become a common practice to offer private sales to a select number of large volume buyers, often with no cap on the number of tokens available to each buyer. This formula is sometimes even repeated in the public sale allowing “whales” to purchase a huge amount of tokens and later wield the power to manipulate the market for personal gain.
We are acutely aware of this and to combat the issue we have incorporated an anti-whale mechanism in our ICO & IDO platform to keep things simple. Each wallet will be limited to acquire a 0.8% maximum of the remaining supply per transaction. This percentage will increase as the remaining supply decreases.